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Matthew C. Monroe

Matthew C. Monroe

Managing Partner


My strengths:

I have a technical background with a degree in engineering, which taught me how to break down complex concepts and communicate simply and clearly. I will help your retirement plan committee address their fiduciary responsibilities utilizing our comprehensive and detailed processes. I will also assist your plan administrator in the day-to-day functions of your retirement plan, acting as the intermediary between your administrator and your auditor, ERISA attorney, plan provider and third party administrator.

How I got here:

I began my career in the financial services industry as an institutional stockbroker. I used to work with some of the largest asset managers, fund managers and investment analysts in Europe and help them invest in the U.S. stock markets. After over ten years working with the brightest in the financial services industry, I felt a higher calling. I realized that participants in retirement plans needed professional assistance in saving and planning for retirement.

What motivates me:

Everybody should be able to retire with dignity. My passion is working with employees to help them understand the benefits of their retirement plan. Once they understand the benefits, I work with them to help them save and invest properly so that they can pursue their retirement dreams. I am your employees’ advocate.

Plans I work best with:

I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working with employers who value professional help in managing their retirement plans. I want to work with employers who have a genuine desire to help their employees reach their retirement goals.

What I tell plan sponsors:

I want your plan to be successful. I will help ensure your retirement plan committee understands all of their fiduciary responsibilities. I will assist with your plan administrator’s workload. I will help your employees work towards their retirement dreams. One of my biggest rewards is the satisfaction that comes from taking a plan that is not being served properly and optimizing it so that everybody succeeds.